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The Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary is a 15-acre privately owned farm in Mays Landing, New Jersey, that shelters and cares for unwanted, sick, elderly, injured, and abused animals since 2000. We pride ourselves on the well being of over 550 animals. We give domestic, farm and exotic animals the opportunity to live out their nature lives in a happy, safe and protected home. Funny Farm Rescue is a 24 hour, 7 days a week operation. The president and owner, Laurie Zaleski, as well as a staff that feed and care for the animals twice a day. Many animals that need medications and are administered as required. Another part of our mission is to prevent the cruelty to animals by increasing the awareness of animal abuse through education. Our knowledge, expertise and facilities make us truly unique in South Jersey and the surrounding area. We are often the last hope for these abused and abandoned animals. We have relationships with several local and state-wide organizations that continually request the services of Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary for animal shelter and care. We take in animals from the SPCA, the Pig Placement Network, Atlantic City Police, Atlantic County Wildlife Aid, Humane Society, as well as the public. By starting a non-profit 501 (c)(3), the help from donations, we can pay for food, veterinary expenses and improve facilities, aiding in the quality of life for the animals.
Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary
Did You Know. . .   Chicks are able to communicate with their mother while still in the egg and the mother with them.
About Us
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