Farley The Funny Farm Dog
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Funny Farm Rescue Animal Sanctuary
Farley The Funny Farm Dog by Matt Reeves & Laurie Zaleski
Funny Farm Rescue | 6908 Railroad Blvd | Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Did You Know. . .   Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up.
How many Farley Books?
Where else are you going to find a genuine and thoughtful gift for anyone in your life for $12 and know at the same time that you're helping an animal rescue in a very big way? Your $12 will go to feed many animals that once had no food. Your money will go to vet care for a sick animal clinging to life. Your money will go to providing warm, clean shelter to baby animals who lost their mother. Each book that you buy will help take care of over 550 animals who would have been euthanized if it wasn't for the Funny Farm and its team of volunteers, supporters, donors, and especially the owner and founder Laurie Zaleski. A company donated the cost of the books so 100% of your money will feed and care for the animals many of which roam freely around the farm for you to see, touch, and hug on visiting days free of charge. There will be 10 books in the Funny Farm Series and will include a biography of the inspirational life of the Funny Farm Founder, Laurie Zaleski.
$3 Shipping/Handing will be added to the order. Order up to five books per address for $3 US shipping.