Debbie De Goose – “I’ve Found True Love!”

For years and years, everyone knows I had a crush on Dreamy Stevie, my handsome UPS man. His smile was bright enough to light up a chicken coop! Every day, I waited by the front gate with Socks the Guardian Angel white horse, and when I heard Stevie’s UPS truck rumbling down the road towards me, my feathers started tingling!

As time went on, he became busier and busier and spent less and less time with me. I had more and more to tell him, so I became sad, incredibly sad. I thought about him all the time. 

I never really had any other goose friends, but I really like people. Then, I met a goose just like me. He did not have any geese friends at all. I think something is wrong with his wing because he never flies. He liked people though just like me. 

I followed him everywhere and at first, he didn’t like it but now he likes having me around. I tell him stories and he listens! It must be true love! After a few weeks, I told him I really like him, and he said he likes me too! Do you think he was just being polite? 

Yesterday, I told him I think I love him, and he started acting all weird at first. It is not like I asked him to be my mate for life or anything, so I got mad! I thought he would be happy! Who does not want someone to love them?

We slept on the porch and the first thing he said when we woke up is that he loves me and that I have pretty blue eyes! My heart went pitter-patter! 

So, today is an incredibly good day but I hope I do not hurt Dreamy Stevie’s feelings.  Henry likes to spend time with me! He gets me!

I spent my entire life looking for love. I think I found it! It’s the best feeling in the world. It’s like I’m floating on cloud nine. 

I just hope he’s the gentlemen that he appears to be. So far, I think he is!” – Debbie De Goose

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