Sponsor General Care


Hay is crucial in keeping the animals fed and it also provides warmth and comfort in our shelters. It is easily our biggest expense at the Funny Farm! Ongoing, monthly donations will help us to plan ahead and bring costs down.


Scheduled monthly gifts provide a consistent, reliable income stream and reduce our overall costs. Your generosity will keep our animals’ bellies full and ensure proper nutrition, especially for those who have special needs.


Many of our animals come from abuse or neglect situations, where they were not provided with the most basic care. Without proper hoof trimming, horses and other hoofed animals can develop painful overgrowth conditions which often become infected. We ensure regular care and maintenance to keep our animals healthy and comfortable. Your monthly gift will go towards the cost of providing these essential services for the many animals at the Funny Farm Rescue.


Many of the animals we rescue come from neglect or abuse situations. These animals come to us with sometimes life-threatening medical issues which must be addressed immediately. Others require ongoing medical treatment for various conditions related to improper care. Each animal we rescue is seen by our vet in order to assess current health as well as future needs. Our vet bills range from well visits, vaccinations, and surgeries. Your monthly gift will go towards these bills to save lives with necessary medical care as well as ensure quality of life moving forward for our Funny Farm animals.

Funny Farm Rescure Barn Sponsor Care


Our barns and shelters need regular ongoing maintenance. Wind, rain, and fluctuating temperatures as well as overactive animals tend to be hard on structures. Your monthly gift can help us to be more proactive in maintaining our shelter during the year.

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