Team Building

If your company is looking for team building programs or group activities, the Funny Farm Rescue is a great choice. There is just something rewarding about watching your boss scoop poop!

Join the ranks of Apple, the Air Force, Coast Guard, Fusion Church, Gray Hair Software Company, Atlantic City Electric and numerous other groups who have teamed up with the Funny Farm to build great memories with co-workers and friends and boost team morale.

Some companies even pay their employees to volunteer at the Funny Farm 501(c)(3) Charity.

Spending a day on the farm making friends with 600+ animals that roam amongst you is always fun. Some of the animals like to supervise and give you their advice. One thing you might not expect is forming friendships with animals and team members alike!

Most talk about their time at the Funny Farm as their best “work” days and surely, you’ll make some furry and feathery new friends along the way!

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