Hope & Jello

Both were all alone and had less than a 1% chance of survival. Somehow, they both came to the Funny Farm at the same time. Hope, the little black kitten is blind, and Jello was a little orphaned duck. With all of the love, support and prayers from everyone, both have survived. We knew they liked each other but didn’t know how much they would help each other! It does not matter to Jello that Hope is blind, not one bit. It does not matter to Hope that Jello is a little orphaned duck. As time goes on, things that were so awful and sad for them have turned into a beautiful friendship no matter how different they appear to be. Every blind kitten needs a seeing eye duck and every duck needs a warm, soft best friend pillow. What could be better than that?

At the Funny Farm, nothing is perfect, and sometimes, that is more perfect than perfection itself. Maybe that is just the way life is meant to be. We cannot fix everything, but we can make it a little better. Then it is the animals who take over and show us miracle after miracle.

Jello & Hope

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