Many people who love cute little baby pigs are mislead hearing terms like “teacup pig” or “mini” pig. There’s no such thing. Juliet’s family overfed her far beyond her 250lb ideal weight. When she reached 450lbs, they begged the Funny Farm to take her. She was immediately put on a diet and has since shed […]


She’s gorgeous, a Moluccan cockatoo with ivory plumage and satiny, coral-colored crest feathers that are almost flamingo pink on the underside. Like many birds of her kind, she was adopted and rejected, several times before finding a home at the Funny Farm. Her former owners found her too demanding, too destructive, and too loud, with […]


Adele is the Diva chicken that lives in the house.  She struts around the house in her custom-made diapers, her nails are always painted and loves anything sparkly! If Laurie cannot find her, she is usually in the bathroom, up on the counter playing with Laurie’s jewelry. After all she is a Diva!  Since she […]


Baby Joey is the newest member on the farm! He arrived in August of this year. He came from a dairy farm and was unable to walk for three days so they were going to euthanize him. Thankfully the workers there fell in love with him and decided to try and save him. They made […]

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