Critter Camp

Funny Farm Critter Camp4

The Funny Farm Critter Camp is a day camp program geared towards fun and education through hands-on animal encounters. Children will learn about animal care, science, engineering, technology, service, and teamwork from an incredible certified teacher who loves animals. Children will be able to interact with horses, alpacas, chickens, cats, dogs, pigs, and goats all […]

Golf Tournament

It’s a fun day for everyone, all for a great cause.  All money raised go to feed and vet care of the 600+ animals in need at the Funny Farm. It’s a great day of golf with a basket auction fundraiser and dinner. Please check back.

Yogi and Cooper

Yogi & Cooper

Yogi is a 2000lb Jersey Steer and his best friend is a small alpaca named Cooper. The are inseparable. One day, a child was feeding them some carrots though the fence. Like brothers sometime do, Yogi pushed Cooper away to get the carrots. He forgot he had big giant horns and accidently injured his best […]

Fall Festival Event

This is our largest event of the year with many vendors and a ton of activities – all for a great cause! This is one of the largest events in all of Southern New Jersey. Activities include hayrides, face painting, music, dancing, vendors, food vendors, and more! There is something to do everywhere you look! […]

Anna & Canyon

Anna & Canyon

We have one very gentle racehorse with impressive bloodlines who was a consistent winner. Her track name was High Jingo, but in 2019, when she retired to the Funny Farm, her former owners renamed her “Anna.” Anna was sired by Shackleford, who placed fourth in the 2011 Kentucky Derby, won the Preakness Stakes the same […]

Lorenzo & Jethro

Lorenzo & Jethro

Jethro is one of the oldest donkeys in the country. He was bonded with a horse named Smokey who passed.  He was so sad, and we were worried he would die of a broken heart. After introducing him to other donkeys and horses, he was interested in none of them. One day, a lonely Llama […]

Hope & Jello

Jello & Hope

Both were all alone and had less than a 1% chance of survival. Somehow, they both came to the Funny Farm at the same time. Hope, the little black kitten is blind, and Jello was a little orphaned duck. With all of the love, support and prayers from everyone, both have survived. We knew they […]