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  1. Thank you funny farm for all of the hard work you do. The world needs more people like you!

  2. Thank you for getting Teddy into Critter Camp next week. He is so excited!

  3. Ryan Paynter and Denielle Paynter will be helping me with rides this week. Please allow lainey to leave with either of them this week.

  4. This is the deposit for Salvatore (C1-124) and Angelo Simone C1-125) for Critter Camp Session #1

  5. Thank you! We wanted to mention the name of Delphine’s friend who might try registering for camp. She and her mom have previously volunteered at Funny Farm, Cate Blake. Thanks !

  6. Carleigh Conklin balance owed for Critter Camp week 1 June 26th-June 30th.

  7. The amount was already listed on the donation link. I didn’t realize it was the wrong amount.

  8. Critter Camp balance for Audrey Wilson (C2-217) & Colin Wilson (C2-218)

  9. This is for Connor Ryan and Madoc Ryan. The final payment for Critter Camp on August 21st. Please call or email with any questions.

  10. This payment is for John Klink and Faith Schweppenheiser for the week of July 17

  11. Final payment for my children to attend critter camp on the 21-25th of August.

  12. Cormac Marsden

    Please let me know if we should provide clearances for Mac’s aunt or brother so they can help with him. He is beyond excited!

  13. Veronica Clark
    Camp 4
    * I may have picked youth large for a tshirt. She actually needs an adult large

  14. C2-2417(Penelope) and C2-2418 (Gianna)
    C4-2420 (Penelope) and C4-2421 (Gianna)

    Camp 2 & Camp 4

    I paid $400 as a deposit for both girls but only used C2-2417 for the approval ID.

  15. Remaining balance for Gianna and Penelope.

    C2-2417(Penelope) and C2-2418 (Gianna)
    C4-2420 (Penelope) and C4-2421 (Gianna)

  16. Paying off the rest of camp 1
    paying off the rest of camp 4
    Now Skylar Michael is paid in full for all 3 weeks thanks so much

  17. For Eden and Everett Richvalsky.
    I’d like to add Maureen Richvalsky, the children’s grandmother, as an approved person to drop them off and pick them up. Thank you!

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