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  1. If it is possible, could I please be next to the vendor Sunray Scrunchies LLC, we help one another when doing markers together. Thank you!!

  2. Li’l Biscuit Bar cannot wait to be part of a very special event. Lori and her volunteer staff are amazing! Angels from heaven?

  3. Food vendor donation. Our truck will be serving fresh breakfast omelette bowls sandwiches and wraps and also many vegetarian and vegan lunch options all fresh made to order thank you for having us , please let your vendors know that we will have coffee and hot chocolate also .

  4. We’re very excited to be joining the Fall Festival again!

  5. Thank you so much for accepting me as a vendor for your Fall Festival. I am really looking forward to being there!

  6. So excited to be a part of this again! Also I love Laurie’s style so much, while I was in Nashville/Knoxville I was literally thinking of her everyday while dressing up!

  7. Can you please send me what was on my list to sell? I have a lot of different things I make and I saw that I’m only aloud to sell the things I wrote and now I can’t remember what I put down. Sorry. Thank you so much!!

  8. Thank you for accepting my application and letting me be apart of your event! Can’t wait!

  9. Spoke to a gentleman the other day and he said that I could get a placement closer to the band so that I could run a cord for electricity so that I can plug in my iron on machine that creates the custom names for my animals. Thank you so much!

  10. You are amazing Lori! There is a special place in heaven for you!😇❤️

  11. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a vendor for the festival! I am looking forward to it. 🙂

  12. Check was mailed during Easter. Please shred check and accept online payment as initial payment.

    Thank you 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for notifying me that there was a vendor spot available. Glad I had my name on that waitlist. We enjoyed being a vendor at last years Fall Festival and looking forward to this Spring Event!!

  14. Thank you for picking me up off of the wait list.

  15. I am very sorry not sure what the approval ID is, but you can email me if I need to give anymore information.

  16. Not sure what the approval ID meant. I apologize, you can email me if you need anymore information.

  17. The Farm is absolutely amazing. Thank you for inviting us to participate in your Event.

  18. Looking forward to Funny Farm Fall Fest. Please verify that payment was received for our space.
    Rain date info too? We will be selling our Cowboy & Cowgirl decorated Hats.It would be great to see all the volunteers wearing a western hat? They will receive a discounted price for the hat. How many volunteers do you have at the Funny Farm and will be working or attending the event on Oct 15th?
    We can bring the amount needed for staff and volunteers ahead of time. Please let us know which day a Tuesday or Sunday? Email or call us for more information.
    Bonnie & Phil
    Howdy Hats

  19. I’m so excited to be part of this event, thanks for including me! And cheers to all the awesome work you and your staff/volunteers do for the animals!

  20. So excited to take part in this event, thanks for including me! And cheers to all the awesome work you do!

  21. We are so glad to be apart of such an amazing event. We appreciate all the hard your team does putting these events together along with all the hard work that goes into taking care of those beautiful animals.

  22. We are so thankful to be apart of such an amazing event. We apricate all the hard work the team at Funny Farm does in putting these together along with all the amazing work you do taking care of those beautiful animals.

  23. This is the BEST event ever! To be able the give back in my own community is the most special thing ever! I believe you are focusing on Breast cancer? I’ll be bringing it!! Thank you for Allowing me to be a part of this

  24. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the BEST event of the YEAR!! I’m gonna be bringing it!!

  25. We will be serving fresh breakfast bowls and wrap with home fries plus and our French toast bites . We will have many nachoes , vegetarian options and seafood options

  26. Thanks for your patience!!! Payment submitted in full. See you on the 15th!!!
    Serenity By The Seas NJ

  27. Thanks to everyone who organizes this amazing event! I know there’s a lot of hard work involved! I appreciate you all! I would also like to donate a basket for the raffle. Is it ok to bring in the morning, or would you need it earlier?

  28. Can I have a donation letter mailed please 😊 cant wait to be in the event; i also emailed asking if I could make Funny Farm bows (purchases for those bows will be cash only and donated directly to you)

  29. Yes, please send us a letter of confirmation for our donation. If you are a tax exempt organization, please forward us and a copy of your 501C3 or ST5 for our records.
    We are so excited to be spending time with you and the animals!!! This is going to ROCK!

  30. Thanks so much please confirm payment was received … I’d love a corner spit if possible thank you…can’t wait to do this event

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