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  1. You are doing such wonderful work. Thank God for people like yourselves.

  2. I just want to help with all those birds you rescued. Thank you for the work you do!

  3. For the fighting roosters and other birds you rescued, as reported in today’s Courier Post.

  4. This donation is being made in memory of Tuly, the pet rooster of friends, who passed away recently at age 7 after being ill for a while. Despite many trips to the vet to try and save him, eventually Tuly succumbed to his illness. They miss him terribly.
    I think that a short note to them explaining that this donation will go toward feed and seed for your FFRS feathered residents might help to give them some comfort in this difficult time. Name/Address: Hilary Persky and Victorino Pineda, 100 Cuyler Road, Princeton, NJ 08540-3408 Thank you!

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