Yogi and Cooper

Yogi & Cooper

Yogi is a 2000lb Jersey Steer and his best friend is a small alpaca named Cooper. The are inseparable. One day, a child was feeding them some carrots though the fence. Like brothers sometime do, Yogi pushed Cooper away to get the carrots. He forgot he had big giant horns and accidently injured his best […]

Anna & Canyon

Anna & Canyon

We have one very gentle racehorse with impressive bloodlines who was a consistent winner. Her track name was High Jingo, but in 2019, when she retired to the Funny Farm, her former owners renamed her “Anna.” Anna was sired by Shackleford, who placed fourth in the 2011 Kentucky Derby, won the Preakness Stakes the same […]

Debbie De Goose – “I’ve Found True Love!”

For years and years, everyone knows I had a crush on Dreamy Stevie, my handsome UPS man. His smile was bright enough to light up a chicken coop! Every day, I waited by the front gate with Socks the Guardian Angel white horse, and when I heard Stevie’s UPS truck rumbling down the road towards […]

Hope & Jello

Jello & Hope

Both were all alone and had less than a 1% chance of survival. Somehow, they both came to the Funny Farm at the same time. Hope, the little black kitten is blind, and Jello was a little orphaned duck. With all of the love, support and prayers from everyone, both have survived. We knew they […]

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